John Dull Shares a Testimony

John Dull is that man with the warm smile you see always happy when you walk into FBC Buffalo. He is the man that makes you instantly feel welcome and cared for simply by the look in his eye and his outreached hand waiting to shake yours. Some know John as the former principal at D.A. Mallory Elementary School. What some may not know is that he was drafted after high school and spent two years as a paratrooper. He then went to college to earn his education to allow him to spend 35 years serving the education system in and around Dallas County.

During his time serving in public education, he came to FBC Buffalo and eventually began serving as a deacon and still serves in that position over 40 years later. He and Leota have been members at FBC Buffalo for 54 years.

If I could choose just three words to describe John to you, they would be “servant”, “compassion”, and “leadership”.  John would more likely describe himself simply as a sinner saved by grace. It was this topic which I asked John if he would be willing to share a little about and he graciously agreed to share the following testimony with me.


January 20th, 2019

My Testimony: John Dull

The year was 1964 when I was saved along with my wife, Leota, on a Sunday morning. At the time we had three boys: Steven 10, Jimmie 8, & Kevin 5.  Several Sundays before I joined, Leota would get up and get the boys ready for Sunday School and Church. I would stay home. Sometimes I would go back to bed or work outside around the house. This went on for about a month or so. After so many Sundays, I got to thinking, “This is wrong.” Then, one day the Lord got my attention. I asked Him to help me and He did. So I started going to church. It was my responsibility to go with my family. After a few Sundays, Leota told me, “I am going to join the church and be saved.”

She sat on the front row and I walked in and sat down beside her. So we were baptized together. Leota had been baptized by sprinkling when she was 9 as her family belonged to a Evangelical Church growing up in Chamois, Missouri. Our three boys joined the church later and were baptized in the new church.

Our Father in Heaven led me, through the Holy Spirit to do what I should have done years before. I thank the Lord for getting my attention!

John Dull

(Modified for clarity)


If you haven’t taken the time to talk with John and his lovely wife, Leota, please make it a point to do so next time you’re at FBC Buffalo. He is a wealth of knowledge and love for our Lord. He is an example we can all look to in long time service to God where ever the Lord puts us.  You are truly missing out if you pass up the opportunity to learn a thing or two from this man.

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